Mamaearth Vs. The Moms Co. – Which is best?

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We are back this week with yet another article that certainly helps you provide a clear picture of these two brands, i.e., Mamaearth or The Moms Co. We have been listening to various ad campaigns and numbers of influencers talking about different brands and their products but when it comes to choosing a product or brand for your children, you(moms) become very alarmed and careful. Certainly, a baby’s skin is very sensitive, it needs extra care, in this regard we often, has heard about two big brands. Let’s get to know which is best? Mamaearth Vs. The Moms Co.

Hence, in this article we have decided 5 parameters based on which we are going to draw a conclusion about the best brand.

The five parameters are:

  1. Ingredients
  2. Certifications
  3. Product quality
  4. Cost
  5. Product range

Brief about the brands:

The moms co.

The moms co. was born when a couple – Malika and Mohit Sadani, who moved back to India from London, didn’t get a toxin-free baby-care product for their newborn. Consequently, they investigated and found that most mothers were searching for a natural and chemical-free baby-care product. But couldn’t able to find it.

And now, The Moms Co. is a community of experts across India, Australia and Switzerland who all are working to create natural and toxin-free products for babies and moms. They have a wide range of products for all moms, babies and moms to be.


Mamaearth’s journey began when Ghazal and Varun, were expecting their first child and struggled a lot to find a safe and organic option for their child. Later they get shocked to see how most baby products, be it lotion or shampoo, contained toxins that have proven to be harmful to the little ones.

That’s when they decided to do something about it & create products that were completely safe and certified toxin-free. This brand is definitely unique because it’s a brand by a parent, for the parents. Mamaearth is basically for mom and babies, but now they have also extended their product range to men’s personal care products. Mamaearth intends to make the lives of moms and expectant moms better and beautiful.


mamaearth vs the moms co.

Certainly, ingredients are the most important part to be noticed while buying anything for your skin. It is like buying food for your skin so, do have a look at the list of ingredients used in that particular skin product whether it is for you or for your baby.

In this section of Mamaearth Vs. The Moms Co. will discuss the similarities and differences in both the brands in each of five parameters.

Similarities between the moms co. or mamaearth.Differences between the moms co. or mamaearth.
Both claims to be organic brandsThere is no such major difference between the ingredients of both brands.
Both have similar ingredients taken from nature.However, both have used some plants based mild emulsifiers, foaming agents and cleansing agents under different salts name.
The major common ingredients are- essential oils, cocoa butter, glycerine, olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera extract, etc.   
Ingredients are not being tested on animals.  

Additional tip: Click the link below and you can access the data base of the most commonly used ingredients by the brands. If the score is up to 2, the ingredient is safe and if it is high in score, it may be allergic and toxic for you and your baby.


mamaearth vs the moms co.

To draw a conclusion about the moms co. Vs mamaearth, we have to look upon various aspects, certifications are one of them. Well, both brands claim to be organic and have a prestigious space among their respective customers. But have you noticed, whether they have proper certifications that make them organic?

Let’s see.

Mamaearth CertificationsThe Moms Co. Certifications
Dermatologically approved Dermatologically approved
Made Safe certifiedAustralian allergy certified
FDA approvedMade safe certified
PETA certifiedPETA certified
Australian toxin free certified
 Plastic Neutral Enabler

The basic certifications needed to become an organic brand has been fulfilled by both mamaearth and the moms co.

Product Quality

mamaearth vs the moms co.

Till now, we conclude that there is no major difference between the nature of ingredients used and the certifications, however, the name is different.

The next aspect of comparison about mamaearth Vs. the moms co is the product quality. Actually, regarding the product quality, we have already done a detailed and honest online review of mamaearth products. Read it here.

Well, about the moms co. we have also used some of their products, such as the moms co. shampoo, the moms co. shampoo for babies, the moms co. under eye cream, the moms co. mineral-based sunscreen. Also, we have gathered some reviews from our friends who are using the moms co. products for babies.

There are some minor points that can differentiate between the two brands, i.e., mamaearth or the moms co. For instance, the moms co. products are better in fragrance than the mamaearth products. Also, the mamaearth body lotion has better moisturizing properties than the moms. Co body lotion or cream.

Additionally, it also depends on how your skin reacts to a particular product. Although, due to their organic nature, we haven’t received or experienced any negative feedback about both brands.


mamaearth or the moms co.

This one of the important factors while comparing any two or more brands. Here we are talking about the most discussing topic among various ladies Facebook or WhatsApp groups. Yes, you got it correct. Which is the best brand? Mamaearth Vs. the moms co. is the topic that is all over around these groups.

Let’s compare some of the common baby products by mamaearth and the moms co.

Product nameMamaearth’s price*The moms co. price*
Natural baby shampoo (200ml)199/-334/-
Deep nourishing body wash for babies (400ml)299 to 399/-559/-
Natural massage oil for babies (200ml)399/-403/-
Natural mosquito repellent spray (100ml)299/-313/-
Mineral based sunscreen for babies (100ml)299/-379/-
Natural hair oil for babies (100-200ml)299 to 399/-299 to 420/-
Moisturizing baby lotion (200ml)199/-334/-
Face cream for babies199/-334/-
Natural baby powder199/- (150gm)212/- (100gm)
 Natural fruit lip balm for babiesNot available179/-

*prices of above-mentioned products are dynamic based on different offers provided by the brands.

Basically, if we take an overall average of the brands’ prices, it is clear that the moms co. is a little costlier than the mamaearth.

Hence, it totally depends on your budget and personal choices.

Product Range

mamaearth or the moms co.

The product range is also an important factor to look upon while comparing any two brands. Certainly, when you decide to switch to organic, your first step would be like choosing an organic brand. And secondly, you will be looking at which brand is providing you with a large variety and choosing options.

That’s when the product range comes into play. Let’s see in mamaearth Vs. the moms co. which brand is having a wide product range?

Mamaearth and the moms co. both are equally popular among their customers, but somewhere we found that mamaearth is quite more in talks than the moms co. We can say that might be due to its wide product range. The moms co. is limited to a number of products, obviously of good quality and on the other hand, mamaearth is expanding its product range from baby care to numerous other skincare products for the age groups.

Well, some of their new launches are, natural baby body wash in various fragrances, rice hair oil, co-co body wash, charcoal body wash, etc, which are definitely not available in the moms co. range.

Whereas, the moms co. launches their natural coffee body scrub, natural daily face toner, green tea natural face scrub, which is already available in the mamaearth product range.


So, we have overviewed all the five parameters that help us in understanding which is better? Mamaearth or the moms co.

To conclude, we just want to say that both the brands are almost similar and playing an important role among their customers. Whatever suits your skin and whatever the need of your skin, you must go with that. Obviously, switching to organic is always a good option whether it is organic food or organic skincare but the thing that matters the most is a trustworthy brand and requirement of your body or skin.

To know more about organic skincare brands, you can read our article “Top 11 Organic Beauty Brands You Can Trust Blindly.”

If you want to read about mamaearth products disadvantages and advantages, read it here. “Top 10 Mamaearth Products Online Honest Review in Detail.”

Finally, don’t forget to share your opinion about both the brands, mamaearth or the moms co. So, after reading this article, what do you think? Which is best? Mamaearth or the moms co.? Tell us in the comment section below.


Let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions about these two brands.

Which brand is good? mamaearth or the moms co.?

As we have discussed above in the article, both brands are almost similar. It totally depends on your personal choice and budget. Above all, it depends on your skin, how it is reacting to a particular product.

Is mamaearth totally organic?

Yes, mamaearth is organic however, they use preservatives, emulsifiers and cleansing agents, all of these are plant based.

What are the mamaearth products disadvantages?

We have written a detailed article on it. Please go read it. To sum it up here, for instance, we have used mamaearth onion shampoo that doesn’t clean the scalp properly in one wash.

Which brand is best for my baby? mamaearth or the moms co.?

Both brands are good and safe for babies. Although, mamaearth has a wide variety of baby products.

Is mamaearth onion shampoo is better than the moms co. natural protein shampoo?

It’s a personal choice. We have used both the shampoos i.e., mamaearth onion shampoo and the moms co. natural protein shampoo. We personally feel the moms co. natural protein shampoo is better than the mamaearth onion shampoo.

Is moms co. an Indian brand?

Yes, the moms co. brand is an Indian brand. However, it has it research and testing labs across India, Australia and Switzerland.

Is moms co. vegan and cruelty free?

Yes, the moms co. is toxin and cruelty free. Their products have not been tested on animals.

Is mamaearth chemical free?

Mamaearth is the Asia’s first brand with made safe certification. Yes, it is free from harmful chemicals.

Are mamaearth products are safe during pregnancy?

Mamaearth is safe during pregnancy until and unless, you are using the products externally. Please discuss with your doctor before intake of any product.

Are the moms co. products good for baby and mothers?

Yes, the moms co. products are good for babies and mothers. They are toxin free, made safe and organic. It is your personal choice and budget to choose between the two brands; mamaearth or the moms co.

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