Diwali Gift Items Which are Never out of Trend

Diwali Diwali, vadda chota bali!! Do you know, what does it mean?

I mean, Diwali is the festival to spread happiness and light of hope whether you are younger or older. Isn’t it feels amazing?

And, what if we make this possible by sharing gifts with your younger or older ones as a token of happiness and love?

So, yes, here it is. Ourhomestory brings you all rocking Diwali gift items which are never out of trend. Have a look and do share your favourite one in the comment section below.

Chocolate Hamper

diwali gift items

Sweets are one of the oldest ways to gift someone. What’s better when it is personalized also? Cadbury has started giving personalized gift boxes which makes gifting chocolates more personal.


diwali gift items

Bedsheets in Indian gifting pattern has some special space. We love to gift it. And the receiver also feels good to receive it. Bedsheets are the most used thing in a household. It never goes out of fashion.

Scented Candles

diwali gift items

Scented candles are one of my favourite Diwali gift items. It adds positive in the home and also lightens.

Home Decor items

diwali gift items

This one is a unique Diwali gift item. It’s kind of reusable rangoli and decorates the home quickly without any hassle.


diwali gift items

No wonder there will be crackers all around during this Diwali. However, you can take a step forward and make this Diwali a little eco friendly by giving a plant as a Diwali gift item.

String Art

diwali gift items

This is more customisable and you can make it according to your needs. You will be definitely praised for your gifting selection and I am sure this gift won’t be passed ahead.

Wall Hanging

diwali gift ideas

A wall hanging is a cliche in gifts. This is one of the unique Diwali gift items, i.e candle stand cum wall hanging. I am pretty sure that this is gonna be one of the usable gifts for this Diwali.

Ice Cream Cone Set

diwali gift items

Every festival has a common element in it. Guess what?

Yes, you have guessed it right. It’s sweets. But sometimes, ice-cream may become the ending element of the festival. These unique ice-cream cone serving set could be a unique Diwali gift this year.

Cutlery Set

diwali gift items

The cutlery set is kind of stable Diwali gift item that anyone can use. Also, according to festive rituals, it is good to gift a set of utensils as a token of love and blessings.

Top Inexpensive Diwali Decoration Ideas for your home

French Coffee Press

diwali gift ideas

Induction and Air fryer have been a part of gifts during Diwali for a long time. What about the French press coffee machine. We love coffee and I am sure you also love coffee. This can quench your coffee thirst every time you want.

Assorted Tea Set

diwali gift items

However, we love coffee but we can’t ignore the fact that tea has a special fan base. And if I am not wrong tea will outnumber coffee lovers in India. Tell me in comments what you like the most?.

Dry Fruits Hamper

diwali gift items

This is for the dry fruit connoisseurs. We can not deny this still remains one of the best gifting options for Diwali. In this gift, the metal Diya and copper jar will be the show-stealers this festive season.

Diwali Pooja Set

diwali gift items

This is the complete set of Diwali pooja which you would be requiring. It comprises of Ganesh and Laxmi Idols, Diya and Kaju katli.

Silver Coin

diwali gift items

This is also one of my personal favourite Diwali gift items. The silver coin never fades. Even it appreciates with time. It will bring prosperity to your home. So, go and gift someone love which is never out of fashion.

So, have you decided what are you going to gift to your loved one? Also, tell us in comments which is your favourite Diwali gift Items?

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