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15 Clothes every Indian girl should have in her wardrobe

A list of effective and effortlessly chic wardrobe essentials.

What’s missing from a woman’s wardrobe? Only a woman knows.

Every day when she opens her closet, she starts making a virtual checklist of things that she should buy next. And why shouldn’t she? For a woman, dressing up is not as easy as she makes it look. There is a certain art to effortless style and let me tell you, it is no mean feat.

An effortless look requires more than just wearing expensive clothes – the key is to look expensive even if you are wearing an outfit bought from a thrift shop. In order to achieve this, there are certain points that you should keep in mind:

Points to remember while selecting wardrobe essentials

  1. Your clothes should be well-tailored. Even a boxy look can feel messy if the clothes don’t fit well.
  2. You always need the right pair of underclothes. The right innerwear can make or break a look.
  3. You should invest in luxe fabrics. Now luxe doesn’t always mean high-priced. It means that you should look for pure and natural weaves instead of choosing synthetic textiles. For example, linens, cottons, and silks instead of rayons and nylons.

In addition to this, there are certain clothes that every woman must own in order to build a reliable wardrobe. These things are non-negotiable – they are the essentials, the building blocks, the foundation pieces that will keep you forever stylish.

For women in India, this list gets even more extensive as we have a diverse range of wardrobe staples to choose from. There are the Kurta, the Sari and the occasional Dupatta in the mix.

To help you get things moving, we have compiled this list of basic silhouettes that will help to complete your wardrobe.

1. Black High-Waisted Flared Pants

Black High-Waisted Flared Pants

This is a game-changer. Super-versatile and chic all the time – you can style it with anything you want. A long tunic or a short blouse, the high-waist shape goes with everything

2. A Casual Midi Skirt

A Casual Midi Skirt

Why midi? Because not everyone can pull off a mini and a maxi is high-maintenance. A midi skirt is simple, flatters most body shapes and perfectly shows off your pumps.

3. Well-fitted Jeans

A Well-fitted Jeans-wardrobe essential

This is not 1873 when denims were invented. Today, we have so many styles available – skinny, bootleg, straight, boyfriend, mom – there really is a perfect shape of denim for everyone. Go ahead, find yours and make sure you never run out of stock again.

4. Black, White and Grey T-shirt

Black T-shirt

Black T-shirt

White T-shirt

White T-shirt

 Grey T-shirt

Grey T-shirt

These 3 are not options. These are neutral colours that pair well with almost everything in your wardrobe. Here’s a tip – make sure that the black is fitted, the white and grey are semi-fitted.

5. A Tailored Blazer

A Tailored Blazer-girls must have

Preferably in camel or plaid. Both are classics, both look equally timeless. A blazer looks polished and feels powerful. It feels like adding an extra layer of confidence to your look. Go for a square/boxy shape if you are getting your first one.

6. A White Shirt

A White Shirt

Or a crisp, white cotton shirt. We cannot list the number of ways you can style a white shirt or the number of ways you can wear one (yes, there is more than one way to wear a shirt). But what we can say is that a white shirt is life-saver – wear it with pants to work, wear it with a lehenga to a wedding or simply wear it with your go-to denims.

7. A Mul Kurta

A Mul Kurta

You have to experience Mul in your hands first to feel the softness of the fabric. It is so lightweight and looks super chic. Get one in a relaxed fit and you can easily take it from day to night.

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8. A Striped Shirt Dress

A girl wearing Striped Shirt Dress

This is an essential for a working woman’s wardrobe. Stripes look professional and the silhouette works with every body type. You can always add a belt to finish your look.

9. A Silk Blouse

Blue Silk Blouse

You can go for one in a neutral shade – black, white or grey – or you can go for a printed silk blouse. Get the classic polka-dotted or a floral one. The silk blouse works across the style spectrum – it can be dressy casual or strictly formal. Depends on what you pair it with.

10. A Tussar Silk Sari

Tussar Silk Sari

A sari is not just a garment in our wardrobe. It is an investment for an Indian woman, which can even be passed on through generations. If you don’t have a sari, then we suggest you get one from your mother’s closet. She will always have the best options. And if you want to buy one, then start with a Tussar Silk – it is easy to drape and looks graceful.

11. A Back Slip Dress/Top

Back Slip Dress/Top

The fancier, the better. These are for those fun evenings when you go to let your hair down. Slide into a slip dress or a top and you will instantly feel glamorous. It is the ultimate work-to-weekend silhouette – you can style it with a blazer to work or wear it with layered neckpieces for after-hours.

12. A Denim Jacket

A girl wearing Denim Jacket with white shirt

Because a denim jacket is the symbol for ‘cool’. It is for your weekends off, for your day out with your girls, for a movie date or for your vacations. A denim jacket looks good with everything and gives you major street style cred.

13. A Tonal Salwar Kameez

A girl wearing  pink Salwar Kameez

Why tonal? Because a single shade from head-to-toe looks extra chic. You can get one in khadi or go for a light silk version. If you want to switch up your style, then you can pair this matching separates with an embellished long jacket.

14. An Opulent Dupatta

A girl wearing  Opulent Dupatta

This piece will give you immense styling options. And there are so many options in the market – phulkari, bandhani, kantha, benarasi. A great addition to your occasionwear wardrobe

15. A Handloom Dress

girl wearing black Handloom Dress

Being in India means that we have access to splendid handwoven textiles that are luxurious and one-of-a-kind. If you want to incorporate these indigenous weaving traditions in your wardrobe, then you can start with a comfortable dress.

Which item you are going to add in your wardrobe? Tell us below in comments section.


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