Noise Shots X3 Bass Review: Value for money?

Everything moves to wireless so do the Headphones. With the removal of the headphone jack in premium mobile phones. This has become the need of the moment to make Bluetooth headphones. As technology is progressing, they are becoming compact but powerful. Some big companies which have made it debut in truly wireless earbuds Bose, JBL, sony. However, Noise, a budding brand from India has also joined and hit the mass with a good product; Noise Shots X3 Bass.

Noise Shots X3 Bass Review: Value for money?
Noise Shots X3 Bass Review

I have been using Noise Shot X3 Bass for the past one year. So, is it worth buying for ₹4,000?

Opening The Box

Noise hasn’t compromised on the packaging and it comes with a cardboard box from which you can slide open to get your hands of earbuds. It comprises of:

Noise Shots X3 Bass Review: Value for money?
Noise Shots X3 Bass Review: Value for money?
  • A pair of earbuds
  • 1 Charging case
  • 1 Micro USB cable
  • 2 extra ear tips
  • User manual
Dimensions (Charging Case) 74 x 30 x 55.5 mm
Dimensions (Earbuds) 28.2 x 25 x 18.7 mm
Weight 4.8 grams of each earbud, 70 grams of charging case
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0, micro-USB
Speaker Frequency 18Hz-22kHz
Water Resistance IPX4 sweat and splash resistant
Battery (Charging Case) 1500mAh
Battery (Earbuds) 50mAh each
Compatibility Android and iOS


One of the key factors that Noise has been able to find it’s place is because of design. We have seen in X5 and now we have Noise Shots X3 Bass. It has been designed well with glossy finish and big rounded corners. This fits easily in your pocket with a minimal bulge. It has a translucent lid which allows seeing charging indicators and amount of charging left. Micro USB charging has been given at the rear centre. We have to pop open the lid, which sometimes feels scary as it may break the hinge. If you look closely at the picture you will find scratches but disappointment comes when Noise logo printed in the centre and other info at the bottom starts to fade after usage of a couple of months.

Noise Shots X3 Bass Review: Value for money?
Noise Shots X3 Bass Review: Value for money?

Earbuds weight just 5gm and sits perfectly in your ears. I have used it while running and in the gym and never felt that it will fall from ears. It is sweat and splash-proof.


It comes with had buttons on both earbuds. Buttons come well equipped and can control from calls, music and voice assistant – Siri or Google assistant. With double click activates voice assistant. A single click will play/pause music. A long press(should be less than 8 sec) on right will play the next song and long press on left replays the previous song. Long press more than 8 sec will switch off the earbuds.


Connectivity is what I like the most. As it is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 protocol integration. It connects with lighting speeds, the time you take them out of the case and places in-ear, it will be connected. These are compatible with both androids and iOS.

But there are times when I faced a problem with connection drop in left earbuds but it connects automatically after a time. This might become quite of irritation for you in the long run.

Audio Quality

This, in the beginning, I was wary about. But with the regular use, I fell in love with it. Company has been able to achieve bass and low frequencies. On the other side, however, balanced soundtracks might get compromised. I have listened to almost all genres on this and it was a pleasure every time. It perfectly cuts you out from the outside noise. And makes you in love with the track you listening.

Voice Calling

It has a stereo calling, which lets you hear callers voice in both the earbuds. I have used voice calling extensively and most of the time I have faced an issue with voice. However, it lives up to my expectation as the sound was clear and sharp.

Battery Life

Contrary to voice calling, battery life will never leave you hanging anytime. This is the main point where Noise Shots X3 Bass gets the majority of points. It takes around 4 hours to charge at 1500 mah battery and you can listen to songs for up to 3hrs. The package which it has to offer is best with the price segment.

Noise Shots X3 Bass Review: Value for money?
Noise Shots X3 Bass Review


You ask me anytime and my answer would be YES. Yes, It is worth every penny you spend. There is no second thought would be given to buy these truly wireless earbuds. You get a complete package in this price range which no one offer within this segment. Extra bass which it has to offer, ergonomics and shiny build of it. Connectivity with your device and voice assistant is spot on. So, if you are looking for something similar for up to ₹4000, go grab it.

Get your Noise Shots X3 Bass from here

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