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Caution! Don’t Step out without these COVID-19 Essentials

Yay! We can go out, there is no lockdown. There are so many relaxations in going from one place to another as compared to previous lockdown phases. Some offices, IT firms and other companies are also allowed to be operated with approx. 50% or more efficiency. Finally, we are out of our homes.

Really? Aren’t you scared?

Coronavirus is still there. Till now, precaution is the best cure for coronavirus disease. Thus, as a precautionary measure, we are going to tell you 5 COVID-19 essentials to always carry whenever you step out of your home.

A Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is the best option to go for where the use of soap or liquid hand-wash is not reliable. When you step out of your home for office or for buying groceries, you have to deal with a lot of public places and the probability of getting the infection is highest at such places.

Hand sanitizer is one of the COVID-19 essentials thus, keeping a hand sanitizer with you in your bag can be your saviour there. Within a couple of seconds, you can get rid of such bacteria and viruses just by rubbing the sanitizer on your hands.

Especially to deal with Coronavirus, govt and other health agencies have advised using such sanitizer which contains between 60-70% alcohol content in it.

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Face Mask

cotton masks

By seeing the peak of cases of coronavirus, almost all the people are on an alert. All people have to manage their work along with their health during coronavirus pandemic. You have to go to the office and for other works; nothing is in our hands except taking proper precautions so that we will not get infected with the coronavirus.

The face mask is one of another essential precaution that you must take whenever you step out of your home. As we know, coronavirus can be transmitted from one person to another by tiny droplets that come out when a person sneezes or coughs. A face mask can act as a shield between the tiny droplets and your nose and mouth.

Social distancing and use of face mask are highly recommended when you step out of your house during this pandemic. We request all to keep your mouth and nose covered with a face mask whenever needed.

Sorry girls, our sympathy is with you. It may be very difficult for you to carry a face mask over your makeup. But, NO CHOICE! Make face mask your all-time friend and carry it with you while stepping out.

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COVID Safe Personal Key

Have you heard about it? Not yet?

If no, let’s have a look on it.

shopperz place covid safe key

We hope now you have an idea what this device is. COVID-Safe Personal Key is uniquely designed to avoid touching public places with your hands.

This tool is helpful in the following ways.

  1. To push/pull doors
  2. To press ATM keys
  3. To open car handles
  4. To press elevator buttons
  5. To carry a shopping bag or handbag

And so on.

Don’t you think it is the most essential thing to carry with you in your bag?

Main feature of COVID safe personal key.

  1. Light, compact & easy to carry
  2. Specially designed with sanitizer case to keep the key sanitized after every use
  3. Comes with a belt holder
  4. Made in India product
  5. Made with ABS and EPDM foam to absorb sanitizer in it.

Public places have now become the hotspots of the coronavirus. You can maintain social distancing but you can’t avoid touching contaminated public surfaces. Thus, keeping this COVID-19 essential with you will always save you from touching unwanted public surfaces.

Hope you understand the need of this time and make this COVID-19 essential safe personal key, a part of your routine.

COVID-Safe Personal Key : Buy on Amazon

Water bottle, food or snacks

God forbid if you stuck somewhere in traffic for a long while travelling for work or to home. Well, in that case, to opt for an outside snack or packed water bottle is a big NO. You must keep a water bottle and a small snack in your bag to handle your small hunger.

You can keep a protein bar which is a healthy option to satisfy your cravings. Also, if it is possible to carry home-made lunch to your office, make it happen without any doubt. Avoid outside food and water as much as possible.

Now we think it’s clear that why we have included this as a COVID-19 essential. Make sure to have it in your bag next time.

Aarogya Setu App

Arogya Setu App is designed to keep you updated with your health and also, it helps you in detecting coronavirus infected person nearby you. Isn’t it amazing?

You just need to download this app and enter your details about location and all. It will automatically detect the situation of coronavirus patient around you.

Most importantly, the Indian Government has issued guidelines that it is mandatory to activate this app in your phone especially at airports or other security bounded areas.

So, how we could forget to place this app in COVID-19 essentials list.

Click here to download Aarogya Setu App

Final words

We all are going through a very tough time. Many people are going a lot of mental stress but always remember dark clouds are not permanent. It is just a bad phase in everyone’s life and it will pass out soon. Just keep yourself motivated and safe. Take proper precautions wherever needed and update yourself with the ongoing situation and government guidelines.

Do you think we missed anything on our list? How you are dealing with the situation while travelling for work during coronavirus pandemic?

We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Stay Safe. Stay Motivated.


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